Director: Bato Čengić

Screenwriter: Miroslav Jančić, Nebojša Pajkić, Bato Čengić

Cinematografpher: Karpo Aćimović Godina

Scenography: Dragan Stefanović

Costume Designer: Ozrenka Mujezinović, Vesna Sunjić

Music: Vuksan Lukovac

Editor: Vuksan Lukovac

Cast: Mladen Nelević, Mira Furlan, Zijah Sokolović, Vladica Milosavljević


Sutjeska film, Croatia film - Zagreb


After completing compulsory military service, a young village man decides to stay in Sarajevo. He accepts different manual jobs at major construction sites. A messy love situation opens his eyes to the negative sides of life in a big city. After resolving the conflict with two women implicated in the matter, he starts looking for his true self. By rejecting the pressures of the consumer society he lives in, the man manages to preserve his personal integrity. He abandons the city and returns to village life which is closer to his heart.