Director: Mandić Miroslav

Screenwriter: Kulenović Haris, Mandić Miroslav

Cinematografpher: Vilko Filač

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Costume Designer: Jasminka Jesić

Music: Andrija Zafranović

Editor: Andrija Zafranović

Cast: Istref Begoli, Mira Banjac, Emir Hadžhafizbegović, Anica Dobra, Zvonko Lepetić, Jelena Čović, Dragan Maksimović, Mladen Nevelić


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Musa worked hard his whole life; he even joined the shock force in the aftermath of World War II and newspapers wrote about his commitment and achievements. But the times had changed and so did the treatment of workers. After a brief labor strike at his factory, Musa is forbidden from returning to work. His personal drama is set against the backdrop of daily life in a small Bosnian city and interwoven with stories from the lives of other people, primarily his wife, son, daughter and his closest friends.