Director: Orozović Ratko

Screenwriter: Orozović Ratko

Cinematografpher: Dragutin Ressner

Scenography: Karlo Klemenčić

Costume Designer: Branka Fetahagić

Music: Branislav Milošević

Editor: Branislav Milošević

Cast: Bery Jasna Ornela, Velimir Bata Živojinović, Ljubiša Samardžić, Vicko Ruić, Mladen Nelević, Radoš Bajić, Čedo Martinić, Branka Puić, Vita Mavrić


Sutjeska film


After getting into an argument at his university, young and ambitious assistant professor Tugomir Princip is drafted in the army to complete his compulsory military service. He has very strong feelings for his girlfriend Anabela and is tortured by love troubles. While serving the army, he meets another girl, but still decides to spend the time off from duty (which he had received for good behavior) with Anabela. However, once he arrives in his hometown, he does not find Anabela at home and breaks up with her. He rushes back to his army barracks, but has a car accident and ends up in a hospital where he gets a chance to observe seriously ill and tired patients. The experience encourages him to change his approach to life, but fails to save him from his destiny of becoming a desperately romantic and Sisyphean eternal bachelor.