Director: Zoran Gospić

Screenwriter: Zoran Gospić, Miroslav Sovjak

Cinematografpher: Viktor Ružička

Scenography: Vlado Perković, Jindrich Goetez

Cast: Branko Vidaković, Vlastimir Zavrel, Milan Erak, Hana Švejnehova, Ljiljana Blagojević, Jelena Tinska, Zoran Miljković, Zinaid Memišević, Dragan Maksimović, Ana Simić


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Tel.: +387 33 44 36 16 Fax.: +387 33 66 84 63


Lives of people from different parts of Europe intertwine in sometimes comic and sometimes tragic turns in this interesting film. Peter Valek is a typical small town Czech. A chimney sweep by profession, Valek dreams of spending a quiet life with his wife Jana. Dragan is a lorry driver from Belgrade whose search for a better life leads him to Hamburg in Germany unaware that he is being used by a dangerous drug trafficking ring. On his first long haul trucking route from Hamburg to Istanbul Dragan shares the road with a luxury Swedish bus full of elderly ladies on a two-week trip around Europe. Their paths will cross many times as they travel with different purposes and to different endings.