Director: Aleksandar Jevđević

Screenwriter: Đorđe Lebović, Josip Lešić

Cinematografpher: Mustafić Mustafa

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Music: Christel Tanović

Editor: Christel Tanović

Cast: Branilav Lečić, Snežana Bogdanović, Alma Prica, Uroš Kravljača, Aleksandar Berček, Nada Đurevska

Original story by: Josip Lešić


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Tel.: +387 33 44 36 16 Fax.: +387 33 66 84 63

Televizija Sarajevo, Televizija Slovenija, Beograd film


This is the life story of poet Aleksa Šantić, a helpless romantic and a visionary whose personal life was marked by great loses. Born in a wealthy, patriarchal, merchant family in Mostar, Šantić lived his life during a difficult historic period at the turn of the 19th and start of the 20th century. In his youth, he fell in love with the daughter of a poor photographer but abandoned her under the pressure of his parents. Later on, he met a wealthy Mostar woman, but she left him under pressure from her family. Šantić became a passionate advocate of social and political change, but ended up a disappointed, lonely and impoverished man facing an almost certain premature death. While Šantić is lying on his deathbed, his older brother retells the story of his life.