Director: Žalica Pjer

Screenwriter: Žalica Pjer

Cinematografpher: Imamović Ahmed

Music: Oliver Todorović

Editor: Oliver Todorović

Producer: Kenović Ademir, Ismet Nuno Arnautalić


Hakije Kulenovića 7, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel. / fax.: +387 33 66 68 11


This film was planed as a story of Jean-Paul Borel's work. He was French doctor-psyhiatric who, since the very beginning of the war in Sarajevo, worked as a volunteer in different humanitarian fields. But, in the middle of shooting this film, Jean-Paul died in a car accident in Sarajevo. After, the film changes direction and it becomes an epitaph to a man who lost his life in attempt to make life bearable for the citizens of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His collaborants used to call him Mr. Borel, for his friends he was Jean-Paul and for majority of Sarajevans he was „that Frensh man“.