Director: Tanović Danis

Screenwriter: Tanović Danis

Cinematografpher: Walther van den Ende

Scenography: Dušan Milavec, Boris Cindrić, Hubert Pouille

Costume Designer: Zvonka Makuc

Music: Tanović Danis, Francesca Calvelli

Sound Designer: Michael Billingsley

Editor: Francesca Calvelli

Cast: Branko Đurić, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Šovagović, Georges Siatidis, Serge-Henri Valcke, Sacha Kremer, Alain Eloy, Mustafa Nadarević, Bogdan Diklić, Simon Callow, Katrin Cartlidge, Tanja Ribič, Branko Završan

Producer: Marc Baschet, Čedomir Kolar, Judy Counihan, Frédérique Dumas-Zajdela, Marion Hänsel, Dunja Klemenc, Marco Mueller, Igor Pedicek, Cat Villiers


Noé Productions, Man's Films, Counihan Villiers Productions, Studio Maj, Casablanca


Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1993 at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides. Two soldiers from opposing sides in the conflict, Nino and Čiki, become trapped in no man's land. With both soldiers alone and equally armed, they find themselves at a stalemate, and begin trying to attract help from either side. Eventually, the two men are found by a squadron of French soldiers attached to a U.N. peacekeeping unit; now held by supposedly neutral forces, Čiki and Nino are with the French troops when it's discovered that the third soldier on no man’s land isn’t isn't dead after all, though no one is sure how to disarm the mine without killing him in the process.