Director: Danijela Majstorović

Screenwriter: Danijela Majstorović

Cinematografpher: Đikoli Almir, Dennsi Schweitzer, Igor Vranić, Danijela Majstorović

Music: Midhat Mujkić

Editor: Midhat Mujkić

Producer: Danijela Majstorović


Inat Productions


Without an attempt to show the truth, but rather the fragments of it, the documentary film COUTERPOINT FOR HER follows a couple of tracks in order to present and understand sex trafficking. A local Bosnian girl gets trafficked in 1992 and sold in Italy by her brother’s good friend. Her story is a precursor or the strong postwar expansion of sex trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where since 1995 around $7 billion has been made and thousands of girls from the neighboring East European countries were physically and mentally abused.