Director: Vuletić Srđan

Screenwriter: Vuletić Srđan

Cinematografpher: Slobodan Trninić

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Costume Designer: Amela Vilić

Music: Catherine Kelber

Editor: Catherine Kelber

Cast: Bašić Senad, Haris Sijarić, Kemal Čebo, Zana Marjanović, Svetozar Cvetković, Aleksandar Seksan, Sadžida Šetić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Admir Glamočak

Producer: Kenović Ademir


Splitska 11, 71000 Sarajevo
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Fikret Varupa would have be a totally ordinary sixteen-year-old boy from Sarajevo had it not been for an incredible stroke of bad luck. At the traditional Muslim funeral service for his father, he learns that his father owes money to Hamid, a man he does not even know. The debt is considerable and Hamid does not want it to go to the grave with the body, so the debt automatically passes from the father to the son.
Since in Bosnia this way of collecting debts, at a funeral, is considered to be utterly humiliating, it is never, ever applied. Fikret and his entire family become subjects of ridicule.
Fikret, who is practically still a child, is determined to “redeem his father’s soul”. Wishing to repay his father’s debt and to secure forgiveness, Fikret wanders into the real world of Sarajevo, the world that is ruled by post-war chaos, misery and poverty and becomes an ideal target for two corrupt policemen who wish to “help” him: they plant the kidnapped girl on him.