Director: Lončarević Faruk

Screenwriter: Lončarević Faruk

Cinematografpher: Đikoli Almir

Scenography: Arslanagić Osman

Costume Designer: Graho Lejla

Sound Designer: Čamo Igor, Adis Baždarević

Editor: Lončarević Faruk

Cast: Zagorka Borota, Vjekoslav Ramljak, Sabina Bambur

Producer: Ćuhara Adnan, Bakšić Čamo Amra, Lončarević Faruk

Animation: Šimek Redžinald


Nedžada Mušića 4, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 33 44 45 35


The year is two thousand and something. An elderly couple live alone in a flat in Sarajevo, with their own rituals: drinking coffee, playing cards, watching TV. The husband (Dad) has had a stroke and although he is still physically strong, he has difficulties in communication. The wife (Mum) is a lively elderly lady who is, after 50 years, now using the husband’s disability to change the things around in this old-fashioned, patriarchal family. Dad must not allow that and he opposes it in the only way he can, with physical force.