Director: Gegić Šemsudin

Screenwriter: Gegić Šemsudin, Emina Gegić

Cinematografpher: Muharem Osmanagić

Music: Dževad Skenderović

Sound Designer: Boris Kragulj

Editor: Dževad Skenderović

Producer: Emir Čengić


Kolodvorska 12, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.:+387 33 72 02 30 Fax.:+387 33 72 02 44


At the beginning of the war, the Children's Embassy „Međaši“ organized evacuation of 43 children – wards of the Sarajevo „Ljubica Ivezić-Bjelave“ Children's orphanage, popularly called ambassadors - to Italy. The majority of these children were sent to Italian families upon decisions of the Milan Juvenile Court. Some of them, unfortunately, became subjects of political games and criminal actions. With the strength of sisterly love, Muniba Biba Hasečić, a girl who stayed in Sarajevo, learned Italian and, 14 years after the evacuation, managed to find her brother and sister. Searching for her own identity and the two of them, as well as for her biological mother who they had never seen, Biba brought them to their mother's grave.