Director: Ognjen Sviličić

Screenwriter: Ognjen Sviličić

Cinematografpher: Stanko Herceg, Vedran Šamanović

Scenography: Mladen Ožbolt

Costume Designer: Blanka Budak

Music: Vjeran Pavlinić

Editor: Vjeran Pavlinić

Cast: Bašić Senad, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Armin Omerović, Enis Bešlagić, Antonio Nuić, Jens Munchow, Barbara Prpić, Marie Baumer

Producer: Kenović Ademir, Damir Terešak, Marcelo Busse, Markus Halberschmit, Mirko Galić


Splitska 11, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel. / fax. +387 33 21 10 93;

Busse & Halberschmidt, Hrvatska Radiotelevizija (HRT), Maxima Film


This is a very important trip for 45-year-old Ibro and his only son, 14-year-old Armin: from a small town in Bosnia, they are going on their way to Zagreb, where the boy is to attend audition for a German film about the Bosnian war. Ibro wants to offer him a chance to fulfill his dream. Armin‘s goal of a career in film seems close – but then the old bus they are traveling in breaks down. They arrive too late for the audition, but Ibro convinces the producers to give Armin a second chance. However, the director is not especially interested in Armin‘s talents, and anyway, Armin is too old for the role. Armin becomes more and more disappointed, and withdraws into himself, while his father fights energetically for his son’s career. Finally, they get their chance, but due to the pressure, Armin has an epileptic fit. Feeling guilty, Ibro desperately tries to prove that his son is no loser, but nobody will to listen to him. Armin is upset, his dream is destroyed. Just as they are leaving, there is an unexpected offer from the film crew. When Ibro refuses it, Armin finally realizes how much his father loves him.