Director: Kristijan Milić

Screenwriter: Josip Mlakić, Miro Barnjak

Cinematografpher: Mirko Pivčević

Scenography: Kemal Hrustanović

Costume Designer: Vedrana Rapić

Music: Goran Guberović

Editor: Goran Guberović

Cast: Filip Šovagović, Enes Vejzović, Ljubo Jurković, Robert Roklicer, Zvonko Zečević, Izudin Bajrović, Nermin Omić

Producer: Miro Barnjak


Tvrtka Miloša 78, 88 000 Mostar
+387 036 326 464


The story of THE ALIVE AND THE DEAD has two levels. The first narrative takes place in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1993), while the second is set during Second World War. Both narratives take place on the same territory and are revealed alternately.In the first narrative, a group of Croatian soldiers, six of them, get cut off from their troops after the start of Bosniak-Croatian conflict. They are forced to retreat to their troops’ position 15-20 kilometres away through pathless mountains. Their path leads them right next to the Serbian position, so they are forced to wait until sundown, watching the flames of burning houses in the valley. The whole story is given through the eyes of a solider - Tomo. In the second narrative, a dozen of domobrans (regular army of Independent Republic of Croatia that was Nazis’ ally during Second World War) with two Ustašas (members of the party similar to Nazis), are on their mission to destroy a group of Partisans (fighting for the Allies), resting after a battle on the same mountain area as in the first narrative. This story is given through the eyes of domobran Martin, (grandfather of Tomo from the first narrative). He is accompanied by two of his countrymen – Ferid and Stojan. In this part of the story, the most important character is Ustaša Semin. Ferid, depressed and desperate about his whole family being killed, tries to desert, but walks right into Partisans’ ambush. Trying to save Ferid, few of domobrans get killed, Ferid and Stojan among the others…