Director: Dejan Radonić

Screenwriter: Enver Puška

Cinematografpher: Božidar Nikolić

Scenography: Emir Halilagić

Costume Designer: Selma Kronja

Music: Snežana Ivanović

Editor: Snežana Ivanović

Cast: Severina Vučković, Davor Janjić, Enis Bešlagić

Producer: Čedomir Blažić, Enver Puška


A. Bravo GmbH


GHOSTS OF SARAJEVO is a story of two young men Pik (Spades) and Herc (Clubs) who want to give as present to their city a funicular car that has been destroyed during the war and has not been working ever since. Before the war they were medicine undergraduates and during the war they worked in a mobile surgery unit. They way they get their profit in Italy nowadays is not always legal. Olja came from Split to Sarajevo to find her half brother that she found she had only after her father’s death. She meets Pik and Herc and makes friends with them. Pik is secretly in love with Olja and shyly tries to win her heart. Olja is taking care of Herc’s father while Pik and Herc are in Italy, and Herc’s father recovers slowly thanks to her. After their return, their friendship continues. Pik and Herc send the money they ‘earned’ through a bank to BH. Meanwhile, many armed robberies take place in the city and the police have no clue about the criminals committing the crimes. Faruk and Amel, Pik’s and Herc’s childhood friends are working on this case…The story of the film is mainly located in Sarajevo and the story of Pik and Herc reflects the city itself making its charming and beautiful postcards that this city deserves.