Director: Dalibor Matanić

Screenwriter: Dalibor Matanić, Milan F. Živković

Cinematografpher: Branko Linta

Scenography: Željka Burić

Costume Designer: Ana Savić Gecan

Music: Tomislav Pavelić

Editor: Tomislav Pavelić

Cast: Feđa Štukan, Krešimir Mikić, Areta Ćurković, Ivo Gregurević, Danko Ljuština, Jasna Žalica, Milan Pleština, Nada Gačešić-Livaković, Marija Tadić

Producer: Ankica Jurić-Tilić

Original story by: Damir Karakaš


Tvrtka Miloša 78, 88 000 Mostar
+387 036 326 464



Guilt. Desire. Thirst. A godforsaken mountain village is the only home that a young football player, a miser peasant and a fat girl have. This isolated part of the country finds itself in the middle of a referendum for or against the EU. Our characters couldn't care less- they are all absorbed in their own problems. The young football player has accidentally killed his mother, doesn't want to join a rich foreign football team and is willing to risk his father's love because of it. The lonely fat girl is so desperate for a friend and for a lover that she will end up seeking both in the pig-sty. The miser peasant will discover that real misery is found in loneliness. Daring and challenging, this emotional story set in the grotesque world of a bizarre village glides between the ridiculous and the tragic, aiming to take us back to the most hidden and also the most intense feelings we might have.