Director: Antonio Nuić

Screenwriter: Antonio Nuić

Cinematografpher: Mirko Pivčević

Scenography: Nedjeljko Mikac Cak

Costume Designer: Tonči Vladislavić

Music: Marin Juranić

Editor: Marin Juranić

Cast: Nebojša Glogovac, Nataša Janjić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Roko Roglić, Tonko Lonza, Kiki Kapor, Asja Jovanović, Blaž Boban, Gordana Boban, Rade Knez, Kerim Šišić, Lucija Roglić, Tonči Barbin Ćeće, Ivica Borovac, Trpimir Jurkić

Producer: Boris T. Matić


MaNuFaktura, Hrvatska Radiotelevizija, Film and Music Entertainment, Film House Bas Celik, Zagreb Film Festival, Propeler Film


It is the summer of 1995. Boro travels with his wife Jasna and their six-year-old son Luka to his home village of Drinovci, Herzegovina. Boro overtakes a line of military trucks, triggering an argument with Jasna. When they arrive, Boro’s brother Petar comes out of his house in a wheelchair to welcome them. He and his family had managed to leave Sarajevo and while Boro knew that Petar was wounded, he didn’t know about the wheelchair. Boro and Jasna still don’t speak. Boro spends his days on the village bocca playground and in the pub. Petar warns him that he needs to speak to their father Paško, whom he blames for their mother’s death. During the two weeks of august 1995, Boro will solve a years lasting argument with his father, he will learn to become a better husband and father, and in all this major role will be played out by one donkey!