Director: Hajduković Saša

Screenwriter: Hajduković Saša

Cinematografpher: Saša Petković

Scenography: Dragana Purković Macan

Costume Designer: Duška Vujmilović

Music: Petar Bilbija

Sound Designer: Milan Kovarbašić

Editor: Petar Bilbija

Cast: Ljubiša Savanović, Dragana Marić, Aleksandar Stojković, Anja Stanić, Nikolina Đorđević, Slobodan Perišić

Producer: Galić Zoran, Hajduković Saša, Slobodan Perišić, Saša Petković, Borivoj Jevđenić


Jovana Dučića 23a, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel.: +387 51 34 06 37 Fax.: +387 51 34 06 41


This film tells the story of different people on one New Year's Eve. Instead of going to the 1st January, however, they go to the 32nd of December. The film intertwines three ordinary people's stories in Banja Luka on New Year's Eve. All stories end up being thrillers, and the heroes of the film are typical representatives of the society they live in. Each one of these three characters search for a way to begin the New Year with a new personality, but it is questionable as to how much they will succeed.