Director: Kelmend Karuni

Screenwriter: Dženan Medanović

Cinematografpher: Zubčević Erol

Scenography: Kujundžić Emina

Costume Designer: Kujundžić Emina

Editor: Makarević Timur

Cast: Džebo Alena, Ivana Popović, Ivan Koroman

Producer: Andrada Romagno, Dijana Olcay-Hot, Edin Pašović, Isa Živanović, Nives Zemba, Valentina Orešić


Zelenih beretki 12, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel. / fax.: +387 33 20 94 11


What would mean to dare? In a bizarre tango lesson, everybody is pretending to dance without any music. Everybody follows the directions of the tango teacher who leads every couple to a more passionate approach to tango. She urges them to feel it, to pretend that the music and rhythm are leading their steps. Ema, one of the students, tries to break this absurdity just for once and be herself. She does something that maybe spoils the balance of this awkward reality.