Director: Šarenac Srđan

Screenwriter: Šarenac Srđan

Cinematografpher: Pablo Ferro - Živanović

Music: Ksenija Petričić

Editor: Ksenija Petričić

Producer: Šarenac Srđan, Estelle Robin You, Maël Mainguy, Igor A Nola


Les films du balibari


Zabrđe is a mountain village 5 kilometers away from the nearest road set in southwest Serbia. Not even one woman lives in this village. Only three brothers Janković and their older neighbor Velimir, inhabit the village. But brothers Janković miss women. They cannot sell their land in this set back part of Serbia, and they cannot leave either as they are tied to their stock and woods. The only solution is in Albania where women live in similar setting as brothers. The oldest brother Zoran who is 35 has a dream to get married and sets off to find Albanian bride. Will his search be successful and how will Zoran fight the fact that Serbs and Albanians are worst enemies at the moment?