Director: Predrag Velinović

Screenwriter: Ranko Božić

Cinematografpher: Milorad Glušica

Scenography: Dragana Purković Macan

Costume Designer: Suzana Gligorijević

Music: Vladimir Radovanović

Editor: Vladimir Radovanović

Cast: Dragan Mićanović, Nikolina Đorđević, Zijah Sokolović, Branko Sančanin, Nikola Pejaković, Mladen Nelević

Producer: Predrag Velinović


Jovana Dučića 23a, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel.: +387 51 34 06 37 Fax.: +387 51 34 06 41

Sirius Production


Ivan is a history teacher at a secondary school in Belgrade. When he momentarily loses control and slaps an unruly pupil, he loses his job. The headmaster offers him a transfer to a village school in the Republic of Srpska in Bosnia. And so Ivan sets off in a bus on his journey. There he meets pretty young woman Jasmina. She is returning from Germany to her Bosnian home. Hazim, an elder friend, had offered her work in his Motel Nana as the hotel manager. On the long bus journey Ivan and Jasmina get talking. All Jasmina’s relatives are either dead or have moved away, she says. Not only her home village lies in ruins, but Jasmina is also troubled by the mental scars of the war. Ivan finds a room in the Motel Nana. In the tiny school of the small mountain village, with only eight pupils of different ages and different ethnic origins, things are much more down to earth than in distant Belgrade. It becomes more and more evident to Jasmina that she has been lured here under false pretences. But Jasmina, who feels attracted to Ivan, is not interested in Hazim. Hazim jealousy tries to separate the two. Will Jasmina and Ivan manage to leave the shadows of the past behind them and dare to make a new beginning together?