Director: Imamović Ahmed

Screenwriter: Imamović Ahmed, Aida Pilav

Cinematografpher: Darko Drinovac

Scenography: Hrustanović Vedran, Sead Gološ

Costume Designer: Malka Alić

Music: Midhat Mujkić

Sound Designer: Čamo Igor

Editor: Midhat Mujkić

Cast: Muftić Emina, Sadžida Šetić, Nermin Tulić, Armin Rizvanović, Adis Omerović

Producer: Smajić Samir


Brčanska 16, 71 000 Sarajevo
033 650 303


This is a tale of those that are more dead than all the dead of their kin. This is an intimate story of the survivors of Srebrenica genocide facing the world of contrasts.On one hand there is their relentless search for the truth, while, on the other, there are trivialities of everyday realities of transitional society obsessed with reality shows used as a device to fabricate individuals characterized by superficiality. And when these two worlds collide in a dysfunctional society a bomb starts its countdown.