Director: Duraković Jasmin

Screenwriter: Duraković Jasmin, Asmir Kujović

Cinematografpher: Šahin Šišić

Scenography: Maja Cerić

Costume Designer: Belma Žiško

Cast: Amar Selimović, Marija Karan, Adnan Hasković, Mirvad Kurić, Asli Bayram, Ivana Petrović, Semir Krivić, Edhem Husić, Haris Burina, Sadžida Šetić

Producer: Angelina Albijanić-Duraković, Vinko Grubišić, Denes Sekeres


Kemala Kapetanovića 17, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 66 33 31 36

Jadran Film


"Sevdah is love, sevdah is pain, sevdah is suffering, but in most cases it is a longing unfulfilled.”

Unknown poet, 1835

Karim is a failed philosophy student in post-war Sarajevo. In order to provide for himself and his sister Džemila, he works in mine clearance. He has a friend Juka, a local trouble maker. They are wartime friends. There is also Ivana, Juka’s girlfriend. The three of them rob a local mosque during Eid festivities to have some money to party. Karim takes part despite his conscience; he is a believer. On that same evening, Juka causes an incident in the street and ends up in jail. Karim and Ivana go to a party, have a great time and end up in Juka’s flat. The next day they have an all-day picnic in the mountains. Karim falls for Ivana. They return to the flat only to find Juka there. The two friends end up in a fistfight and Karim loses. Juka abuses him and then sexually humiliates Ivana, who consents to it all. Disappointed, Karim returns to his flat in the middle of the night. And he plays sevdah on his accordion. At dawn, he goes to the mosque and then to the tekke to join the dervishes. He withdraws to his faith. It is a real confrontation with his pro-western past.