Director: Duraković Jasmin

Screenwriter: Robert Hofferer, Nataša Drakulić

Cinematografpher: Mattias Miesl

Scenography: Hari Ejubović

Costume Designer: Belma Žiško

Music: Fadil Komarica

Editor: Fadil Komarica

Cast: Micheal Kristof, Hannes Fretzer, Jelena Angelovska, Maria Serena, Irina Marković, Essam Ferris, Aida Begović, Ivo Gregurević

Producer: Robert Hofferer, Amira Kudumović


Kemala Kapetanovića 17, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 66 33 31 36


Michael, a filmmaker from Austria, travels with cameraman Leo to the Serbian - Hungarian border. They want to shoot footage for a documentary about refugees from the Middle East. In a refugee camp near the barbed wire border fence, they meet two young women, Nur and Zhora, and their companion Bassam. All three are from Syria and want to make it to the West. Nur has taken Zhora, who has been rendered mute by trauma, in her care and Bassam is hiding a dangerous secret.