Director: Tanović Ines

Screenwriter: Tanović Ines

Cinematografpher: Mustafić Mustafa

Music: Nijaz Kožljak

Sound Designer: Čamo Igor

Editor: Nijaz Kožljak

Producer: Bakšić Čamo Amra, Merdijana Sadović, Zoran Ćatić


Nedžada Mušića 4, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 33 44 45 35

IWPR, eFM Sarajevo


A monument is not only a construction; it is not only sum of facts in images and papers. A monument is a human destiny above all. The film consists of testimonies of former concentration camp prisoners, women who were raped during the war, families who still look for the remains of their loved ones, people who have survived the Srebrenica March of Death. All these stories create a virtual monument to tragic human destinies which should not repeat themselves ever again.