Director: Šipka Marko

Screenwriter: Šipka Marko

Cinematografpher: Šipka Marko

Music: Miguel Lopez Beraza

Sound Designer: Dragan Bošnjak

Editor: Šipka Marko, Miguel Lopez Beraza

Producer: Galić Zoran, Szakacs Emese Biborka


Jovana Dučića 23a, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel.: +387 51 34 06 37 Fax.: +387 51 34 06 41

Unlocked Films, Doc Nomads


Gabi is 15 years old. She lives in a small village in the big southern Hungarian plain. Day after day, time is passing in ordinary hard-working atmosphere, but her thoughts are somewhere else. She reads science-fiction novels and dreams about distant worlds and time-travelling. In the great plain of Southern Hungary, there is a family living on an isolated farm, far away from modern, urban life and without much contact with the rest of the world.