Director: Jurilj Zdenko, Ivo Čolak

Screenwriter: Ivo Čolak

Cinematografpher: Ćorić Antoni

Sound Designer: Bubalo Tomislav, Topić Tomislav, Marko Mandić

Editor: Topić Tomislav


Trg širokobriježanskih žrtava 1, 88220 Široki Brijeg
Tel. / fax.: +387 39 70 69 92


Herzegovina emerged from the stone. All it’s history is tied to the power od stone. The durability of the stone will speak in the future about the past. Water preserved layered traces of human existence by its deposition and calcination in caves. Stone and water are connected since prehistoric times. In this film Herzegovina is shown by the little things, the little people, rituals close to every person, without pomposity and glorification of people and events. All Herzegovina symbols like a river, stone, man, aluminum, tobacco, wine, cheese, wool, wood, tradition, sun ... are represented through four phases: BIRTH - GROWING - MATURITY – INFINITY.