Director: Kurt Aleš

Screenwriter: Ivan Kordić

Cinematografpher: Šahin Šišić

Scenography: Popovac Sanda

Costume Designer: Džeba Sanja

Cast: Tatjana Šojić, Mirsad Tuka, Belma Lizde-Kurt, Alban Ukaj, Mirela Lambić, Irma Alimanović, Almir Imširević, Amina Begović, Senad Alihodžić

Producer: Šemsudin Čengić


Kolodvorska 12, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.:+387 33 72 02 30 Fax.:+387 33 72 02 44


It is the third year of war and Sarajevans are nervous and tired. Ceasefire is announced. In one building with six apartments a young couple is about to have a baby and entire neighborhood is waiting for the birth of the baby with excitement. Roma are singing and playing, trying to celebrate the ceasefire. The neighbors are trying to forget everyday problems, and from this moment, everything changes.