Director: Lucas Sturm

Screenwriter: Lucas Sturm

Cinematografpher: Šahim Šišić

Scenography: Maja Cerić

Music: Britta Nahler, Thomas Vondrak

Editor: Britta Nahler, Thomas Vondrak

Cast: Bašić Senad, Hrustemović Adi, Jan Henrik Sthalberg, Anne Mertin, Miraj Grbić, James Hallett, Adnan Hasković, Amel Bečić

Producer: Duraković Jasmin, Robert Hofferer


Kemala Kapetanovića 17, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 66 33 31 36

Artdeluxe, Neulandfilm, Puls 4


The movie deals with the search of a journalist from Vienna for a young woman in Bosnia, where the woman had disappeared without a trace. She left to bury her father in his native village which has been ethnically cleansed during the Bosnian war. This thriller deals in a genuine narrative form of ethnic cleansing during this war and its impact on society, which is observable until nowadays.