Director: Enes Zlatar, Ajdin Kamber

Screenwriter: Enes Zlatar, Ajdin Kamber

Cinematografpher: Ajdin Kamber, Emir Džanan

Music: Enes Zlatar

Editor: Šimek Redžinald, Enes Zlatar

Producer: Bakšić Čamo Amra


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Tel.: +387 33 89 72 00, +387 33 89 73 14 Fax.: +387 33 26 66 01

Nedžada Mušića 4, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 33 44 45 35


Short web documentary about family Sulejmanović from Brgule next Vareš (BiH) was shot in February 2014. They live in the local community office. Two months later Ms. Emina Prelle, retired clerk from Berlin (originally in Herzegovina), was touched by their story and decided to help this family. She found a house with arable land and orchards in the area of Zavidovići and decided to buy it as a gift to family Sulejmanović. After arriving to Burgule, in May of 2014, there was a big twist that no one could expect, especially Mrs. Prelle.