Director: Chris Leslie, Oggi Tomić

Screenwriter: Chris Leslie, Oggi Tomić

Cinematografpher: Chris Leslie

Music: Jim Allison

Editor: Jim Allison

Producer: Garret Tankosić - Kelly, Carol Cooke


OH! Films


Born in Sarajevo, with water on the brain, abandoned at birth and given just months to live, Oggi Tomić did not get the best start in life. However 27 years later, against the odds, and through the kindness of strangers, he is alive, well and happily married in the UK. After a war torn childhood, plagued by near starvation, shelling and continuous suffering it seems like everything is finally falling into place for Oggi until one day he receives a phone call from his long lost family. It’s the moment every orphan waits for. There’s just one thing.  It turns out the family he has waited his entire life to hear from are in fact the same ‘Men in the Hills’ who laid seige to Sarajevo for 1300 days. FINDING FAMILY is a powerful and profound first person narrative that follows Oggi as he heads back to Bosnia for this extraordinary family reunion. This is a story of identity and belonging, on an individual and national level.