Director: Žalica Pjer

Screenwriter: Žalica Pjer

Cinematografpher: Admir Švrakić

Editor: Žalica Pjer

Producer: Gordan Memija, Sead Kreševljaković


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Tel.: +387 33 89 72 00, +387 33 89 73 14 Fax.: +387 33 26 66 01

Foto Art


Almir Ćehajić, a.k.a. Batko, is a successful man: a dentist, actor, entertainer, radio and TV host, etc. Everything changes the moment he finds out that his daughter will die because of a congenital heart defect unless she is operated on in a prestigious clinic. He borrows as much money as he can—seeking, begging, pleading... He manages to get the money together and the girl receives the operation. Unfortunately, she passes away soon afterwards. Less than two hours after the funeral, the telephone begins to ring. Incredulous at the fact that someone would ask for money at a time like that, he goes to a loan shark in order to “shut up” his “friends”. That is when his own personal hell begins. For ten years, he lives on the edge of suicide. Still, he manages to find the strength to extract himself from the situation. Today, he has dedicated his life to working for an NGO that collects money for people who have found themselves is a similar situation. He has saved over 100 lives.