Director: Ado Hasanović

Screenwriter: Cristopher Solaman, Filippo Popoli, Lorenzo Bortolini, Mirco Manzini, Monica Martelli, Mostafa Finti, Nicolò Ruggeri, Virginia Talenti, Ado Hasanović

Cinematografpher: Ado Hasanović

Music: Ado Hasanović

Editor: Ado Hasanović


Comune di Valsamoggia (BO)


This film is about young students from Italy who have attended and completed primary school "Bambini di Sarajevo" (Children of Sarajevo) in Crespellano, Bologna, from 1994 to 1997. Elementary School was named during the war in Bosnia. The name is dedicated to children, angels, who were killed during the four-year siege of Sarajevo. Almost twenty years later, seven former students of this school arrived to Bosnia to learn more about the name of their school and transfer that knowledge to other generations.