Director: Drljača Igor

Screenwriter: Drljača Igor

Cinematografpher: Roland Echavarria

Music: Albert Shin

Sound Designer: Matthew Chan

Editor: Drljača Igor, Albert Shin

Cast: Goran Slavković, Jasmin Geljo, Edis Livnjak, Minela Jašar, Nebojša Mijatović, Petar Mijatović, Jelena Mijatović, Milkan Đurović, Bogdanka Vujadinović, Erica Leung

Producer: Drljača Igor, Albert Shin


TimeLapse Pictures


Miro, an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia lives in Toronto. When he finds out that his pre-war friend Dado, who has been missing for almost two decades, is now wanted for war-era crimes, his life starts to unravel. Upon hearing that Dado still visits a village on the outskirts of Sarajevo, Miro embarks on a trip back to Bosnia to find his friend.