Director: Bubalo Robert, Renato Tonković, Marijo Vukadin

Screenwriter: Bubalo Robert

Cinematografpher: György Farkas, Markus Hörmanseder, Philipp Rusch, Vitomir Turbić, Aleksandar Stojanović, Predrag Milašinović, Adnan Sahbaz, Krešimir Supek

Music: Marijo Vukadin

Editor: Topić Tomislav, Marijo Vukadin

Producer: Bubalo Robert, Marijo Vukadin, Renato Tonković


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Olimp, One Sand


LOST BUTTON is an exciting biographic story about Goran Ipe Ivandić, the tragic drummer of the greatest rock band from the former Yugoslavia – Bijelo Dugme. The film goes back to the past when Ipe, still a kid, joined the band, which captivated the country with the population over 20 million in a week. It reveals how this young man created the image of a music sensation when he was only 20 years old and why his solos were the most spectacular part of their concerts. His glory was interrupted at the peak of his career when the police found hashish in his drums and threw him into jail for two and a half years. This brutal punishment destroyed him emotionally and mentally, so after the prison Ipe went through many crises. He got into debt at money-lenders, started businesses where he lost everything and, finally, his drama was finished by a mysterious death in Belgrade. The secret of his death has never been cleared up. Officially, Ipe killed himself by jumping from the eighth floor of the Metropol Hotel. Unofficially, Ipe was murdered…