Director: Dujaković Goran

Screenwriter: Dujaković Goran

Cinematografpher: Zoran Pilipović

Music: David Mastikosa, Asmir Jakupović, Sofija Vučićević

Sound Designer: Zoran Pilipović

Editor: Solomun Predrag

Producer: Zoran Mićić


Vida Nježića 68, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel. / fax.: +387 65 49 72 38


After the disintegration of socialist Yugoslavia, the new political elites in Bosnia and Herzegovina established a revisionist view of the Second World War, which is why many monuments dedicated to the National Liberation War were neglected and forgotten. This period is deliberately and gradually being forgotten so that some new values can be established. The film focuses on the neglected history of the partisan struggle in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an emphasis on monumental architecture and the rare testimonies of living participants in the National Liberation War, who are now the last witnesses of that time.