Director: Clarissa Thieme

Screenwriter: Clarissa Thieme

Cinematografpher: Sandra Merseburger

Sound Designer: Markus Ruff

Cast: Kathrin Resetarits, Kamka Tocinovski, Leon Lučev

Producer: Kristina Konrad, Christian Frosch, Amira Lekić


Kranjčevića 43, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel. / fax.: +387 33 66 85 59,

weltfilm GmbH (Berlin/Wien)


An actress, a film director and her cameraman meet in a former luxury resort on the Adriatic coast. The actress is there to be cast for a movie – the same movie for which the director and cameraman are on location tour. Unexpectedly the actress finds herself committed to long periods of waiting interspersed with seemingly less and less meaningful rehearsals…