Director: Pirić Damir

Screenwriter: Pirić Damir, Gorčin Zec

Cinematografpher: Gorčin Zec

Scenography: Gorčin Zec

Sound Designer: Pirić Damir

Editor: Pirić Damir

Producer: Pirić Damir, Edin Memić


ZEUS Agency


In 1990 a group of young students from the Art High school in Sarajevo forms the band Protest. The same year they have their first concert under that name and shortly after that they enter a recording studio and record their first demo. 30 years later, after the war, 5 albums, a dozen of hits, countless gigs, and plenty of line-up changes, Protest still exists and works. This is a tale about love, music, and rebellion in the complex balkan reality, symbolically titled PROTEST IN CARIESLAND!