Director: Rajič Aleta

Screenwriter: Rajič Aleta

Cinematografpher: Rajič Aleta

Scenography: Rajič Aleta

Costume Designer: Rajič Aleta

Music: Sanja Rajič-Banjac

Sound Designer: Vjeran Šalamon

Editor: Sanja Rajič-Banjac

Producer: Sanja Rajič-Banjac, Vinko Brešan

Animation: Rajič Aleta


Agava 8, 88390 Neum


Woman-Doe, a living sculpture trapped in urban spaces of boredom, melancholia and utopian museums where she works and entertains herself by acting human only in poses (cleaning, drinking coffee, smoking, sleeping) whereas in reality she is a lonely, lifeless animal. Problems begin when signs of a raging animal begin to appear on her head in form of two horns. Her eyes meet with a loner Woman dancing in the rain. Will she use her growing animal powers and human eyes to meet, fight and dance her way out towards her real nature - freedom?