Director: Nedim Karalić

Screenwriter: Nedim Karalić

Cinematografpher: Admir Švrakić

Costume Designer: Tatjana Nikolić

Sound Designer: Adis Baždarević

Editor: Nedim Karalić

Cast: Mirsad Tuka, Selma Alispahić, Dženana Džanić, Nermin Tulić, Gordan Vračar

Producer: Hamdija Karalić


City of Art


This film follows Armin, a forty-year-old man living a stable, but unfulfilling life as a married, employed man. To bring some excitement into his life, he often visits the betting shop, where his lover Selma works, and places long-shot bets. When he actually wins on one of those bets and stands to receive a large amount of money, everything gets far more unpredictable, starting with his loss of the winning ticket and nightlong search to find it.