Director: Ena Sendijarević

Screenwriter: Ena Sendijarević

Cinematografpher: Emo Weemhoff

Scenography: Myrte Beltman

Costume Designer: Nedda Nagel

Music: Lot Rossmark

Editor: Lot Rossmark

Cast: Sara Luna Zorić, Lazar Dragojević, Ernad Prnjavorac, Sanja Burić

Producer: Bakšić Čamo Amra, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers, Joost de Wolf, Marieke Mols


Nedžada Mušića 4, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel.: +387 33 44 45 35

Pupkin Film, VPRO Television


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Alma is on the verge of adulthood when she leaves her mother’s home to visit Bosnia, in search of the father she has never met. There, Alma will team up with her apathetic and “patriotic” cousin Emir and his charming best friend, Denis. As Alma attempts to adapt abruptly to a reality she’s not accustomed to, she embarks on an adventurous journey from Sarajevo to Mostar. During this road trip of self-exploration into the Bosnian heartlands, Alma will try to both understand and unearth her roots and her own identity.