Director: Vejzović Ismar, Bafl Sarhang

Screenwriter: Vejzović Ismar, Bafl Sarhang

Cinematografpher: Bafl Sarhang 

Scenography: Zerin Vejzović

Costume Designer: Karen Vormaurer 

Music: Bafl Sarhang 

Sound Designer: Shivan Yasin 

Editor: Bafl Sarhang 

Cast: Sohrab Bayat, Dilbrin Akreyi, Mahjoub Ben Moussa, Mounira Mansour, Anjam Hussein

Producer: Vejzović Ismar, Bafl Sarhang 




Sami, a young refugee from Syria tries to find his way in The Netherlands. An old imam takes him under his wing and helps him keep his head above water. After yet another setback, Sami returns to the world he thought he had fled.