Director: Jurilj Zdenko

Screenwriter: Jurilj Zdenko

Cinematografpher: Ćorić Antoni

Scenography: Anamarija Jović

Costume Designer: Ana Rakić

Editor: Topić Tomislav

Cast: Ana Rakić, Anamarija Jović

Producer: Bubalo Tomislav, Mario Vukadin


Trg širokobriježanskih žrtava 1, 88220 Široki Brijeg
Tel. / fax.: +387 39 70 69 92

Olimp Produkcija


On that cold snowy morning on January 6th 1985, sisters Šima (18) and Draženka (17) Čuljak from the village of Bogodol, were taking a bus to 20 km distant Mostar, to help mother Radica paint school windows and clean the school corridors while they are on their winter break. After a couple of kilometers of walking the sisters fell into a dozen meters of a steep pit where they were covered with ice and snow for seven nights and eight days without food, water, and warming themselves only with their bodies.