Director: Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović

Screenwriter: Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović

Cinematografpher: Miloš Jaćimović

Costume Designer: Maria Jelesijević, Dara Mihaljević

Music: Alex Fry

Editor: Alex Fry

Cast: Kristina Stevović, Vahidin Prelić, Robert Budak, Nedjeljko Neno Milović, Ognjen Ogi Vujović, Nada Pavićević, Momo Pićurić, Marta Pićurić

Producer: Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović, Andrijana Stojković, Predrag Karlo Kalezić, Goran Đikić, Vlado Ljevar


Balkan Kino, Oskar Film, Montenegro Max Films, Media Plus


Jagoda is a young, urban girl. It’s summer and she decides to visit her family in the countryside, where she could find a peaceful place to study for her university exams. At the beginning, she stays in a village in Montenegro. In this short time she spends in the village, she manages to change the life of her cousin Zdravko and bring his self-confidence back. Jagoda continues her holiday by visiting relatives in the Republic of Srpska, BiH. There, in a very similar village, she spends time with her grandmother and grandfather, who are taking care of her younger cousin Luka. Luka introduces Jagoda to Nikola, a Croatian soldier, working as the border guard, with whom Jagoda immediately starts a relationship...