Vlaho Luka
Vlaho Luka


LUKA VLAHO was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1998. He graduated film and theater directing from Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts in 2022. His previous projects include the short film REMEMBERING THE SUMMER THAT HAS PAST, which was screened at film festivals in Bitola, Skopje and Sarajevo; the short documentary film PLEHAN, which premiered at the AlJazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival in 2019 and the recently completed graduation short film JUSTINE. He was a member of the online theater and film magazine Iz Off Novi Sad, where he published reviews and texts, and he also published several film reviews on Filmofil.ba. Luka worked as a second assistant director on the feature films MAY LABOR DAY (Pjer Želica, 2022) and EXCURSION (Una Gunjak, in po), and on the TV series "Kotlina" by creators Amra Bakšić - Čamo and Danis Tanović, "On the edge of mind" by creators Adnan Kapetanović and "Frust" by creators Srđan Vuletić and Gabor Krigler, and he worked as the first assistant director on the short feature film SUDAR directed by Zulfikar Filandra.

Other movies

2018 - U SJEĆANJE NA LJETO ŠTO JE PROŠLO – short film - (director)
2019 – PLEHAN - Kratki dokumentarni film - (director)
2022 – JUSTINE- Kratki igrani film -  (director), MAY LABOR DAY (2nd Assistant Director)