Tahirović Mirza
Tahirović Mirza

Composer and sound designer

MIRZA TAHIROVIĆ was born in 1984 in Sarajevo. During high school he started hip-hop band “Saga Nostra”, and through the love for music he became interested in film. He graduated from Sarajevo Faculty of Economics and Business in 2008 and finishes his Master’s studies at Griffith College Dublin/Nottingham Trent University in 2011. Saga Nostra band becomes the group of audio-visual artists “Concept Chelia” in 2008. After music and theater engagement, he dedicated himself professional to film and starts audio post-production studio Studio Chellia. Since then he has been working as sound designer and post-production audio editor and tries to keep up with modern trends visiting workshops and festivals. He participated in many workshops in country and abroad and has successfully completed sound specialization at Berklee College of Music (Boston/USA) with theme “Producing music for Film and Television”. In 2018 he became a member of Berklee Online Mentor Collective.


2022 - THE VOIDS - Feature-lenght documentary film - (sound designer)

2021 - WHEN WE WERE THEM - Short documentary film - (sound designer)

2020 - SO SHE DOESN’T LIVE - Feature film - (sound designer), DON'T CRY FOR ME - SUSAN SONTAG IN SARAJEVO! - Feature-lenght documentary film - (sound designer)

2019 - BIG LEAP - Short film - (sound designer)

2018 - BIRDY - Short film - (sound designer)

Other movies

2018 - TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE (audio);  FEARING IN SARAJEVO, experimental (sound design); BIG LEAP, short (sound design, audio); FIKUS, short (sound design, audio); TROJKA, short (sound design, audio); PSETO, short (sound design, audio); TICA , short (sound design, audio)
2017 - PTICE KAO MI (audio); NE MOŽE SE ŽIVJETI U SARAJEVU, doc. (audio); WHAT COMES AROUND, doc.  (audio, music, sound design); DRVO DIVLJE KRUŠKE (music); SKUŠENJE (music, sound design)
2016 - TREBA BITI LAV, doc.  (audio mix); SMRT U SARAJEVU (audio, music); AŽDAJA, animated (audio)
2015 - MODRI KAVEZ, doc.  (sound design); INCREDIBLE CASE OF MISSING BODY, short (audio mix);  THE CALL UP (audio mix); JEŽEVA KUĆICA / HEDGEHOG'S, animated (voice over recording)
2014 – RIBIZLA, short (sound design);  HAZE, short (sound design);  MARGARET, doc. (sound design), BALADA (sound assistant), HOW TO SURVIVE A DAY, short (sound design); WE LOST OUR MEMORIES, short (sound design)