Solomun Predrag
Solomun Predrag


PREDRAG SOLOMUN was born in 1972 in Bosanski Petrovac. In 2004 he graduated TV editing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka. He has finished his Master studies in Drama and Media at the Faculty for Drama Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is also finishing his Doctoral studies. Since 2006 he has been teaching editing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka and currently he is Dean for Academic Affairs. In a period between 1997 and 2006 he worked as an editor at the Radio Television of Republic of Srpska and Bel Televison. He is one of the founders and vice president of the Association for Visual Arts FENIX ART in Banja Luka and from 2008 Program Director of the International Animation Film Festival Banja Luka.


2022 - THE LAST VOICES - Feature-lenght documentary film - (editor), SISTERS - Short documentary film - (sound designer, editor, producer)

2021 - COEXISTENCE OF DIVERSITY - Short documentary film - (sound designer, editor), VARDI - Short documentary film - (producer)

2020 - GAME OF RINGS IN KRUÅ EVO BRDO - Short documentary film - (sound designer, editor, producer)

2019 - SRNA - Short documentary film - (sound designer, editor, scenography)

2015 - SARAJEVO 1914 - Feature-lenght documentary film - (editor), I WAS LAID HERE A LONG TIME AGO - Short documentary film - (editor)

2011 - DO YOU INTEND TO LIE TO ME? - Short documentary film - (editor)

Other movies

2010 - THE DROP, feature-doc. for children (editor);BANJA LUKA MY CITY, doc.(director and editor)


2008 - GREAT RIVER, doc. (editor); GOOD PEOPLE FROM DOBRILOVINA, doc.(editor); NIKOLICE U MEDNOJ, doc. (director and editor);

2007 - BANJA LUKA OTVORENI GRAD, doc. (director and editor);

2006 - DOBRILOVINA, doc. (editor); BE VOLUNTEER BE IN, doc. (director and editor)

2005 - PTICE BARDAČE, doc. (editor); PECIJA, doc.-feature (director and editor);

2004 - DROBLJENJE TIŠINE, doc. (editor); SKENDER AND STOJANKA, doc. (director and editor); ODLAZAK ŠAMPIONA, doc.(director and editor); BRANKO GOLUBIJEG SRCA(director and editor); ORA ET LABORA, doc. (director and editor);

2003 - ROMANSE, short (editor);

2002 - VICTIM, short (editor); LED, doc. (editor)

2001 - NA DNU, doc.(editor); ZNAK, short (editor); OČI NA OBA SVIJETA, doc. (editor)