Prašović Gadžo Sanela
Prašović Gadžo Sanela


SANELA PRAŠOVIĆ GADŽO was born in 1970 in Sarajevo. She graduated in journalism, has a master's degree in public relations and is currently finishing her doctoral studies in communication sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Mostar.

From 1991, she worked as a journalist and television reporter at TVSA, and from 1992 to 1995 as a war reporter at the Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Working for TVB&H and FTV from 1995 to 2008, she edited program content, was an author of documentaries, was a correspondent from abroad, hosted and edited informative dialogue shows.

She has received multiple awards for her work in the country and abroad, such as awards "Television Journalist of the Year in B&H" in 1999, "Journalist of the Year in B&H " in 2015, "Best War TV Reportage" in 1999, and "Award for best documentary film" in 2004 - for the BANJALUČKA NE/PRAVDA. Her dedicated and dedicated work was awarded by the UNDP and the Swedish Embassy with the award "Leader for development in Bosnia and Herzegovina" in 2021.

From 2008 to 2018, she worked in the position of executive and creative director of the production company TIM System, and was engaged independently as a PR consultant for numerous institutions. From 2018 to 2022, she served as a member of the Collegium and a representative in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vice-president of the Committee for Information and member of the Committee for Security.

In 2022, she directed the documentary-feature film SONJA, producetd by TIM System, in co-production with BHRT. The film was supported by the Cinematography Foundation of Sarajevo and selected in the official programmes of several prominent film festivals. Film was awarded in the category of the best feature documentary film at the Future of Film Awards 2023 in Ohrid and the 8 & HalFilm Awards in Rome, while she was also named the best director at the same festuval. The documentary film SONJA was included in the official selections of the Balkan Panorama Film Festival in Izmir, the Stockholm City Film Festival, the Jagran Film Festival, as well as several domestic festivals.

He is a guest lecturer in the fields of journalism, communication, public relations and screenwriting. Participated as an author in five international and one domestic scientific conferences, and published six scientific papers.


2023 - SONJA - Feature-lenght documentary film - (director)

Other movies

2023 - AVAGAR, AVAGAR TODU JA VIRNA - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2023 - BLAGO NASLIJEĐA – doc. television series (director, screenwriter)
2017 - SNAGA JE U ISTINI I PRAVDI - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2016 - PRAVA ŽENA - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2014 - PRIČA O NAMA - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2011 - TRADICIJA - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2010 - KORAČAMO ZAJEDNO - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2008 - VRIJEME JE ZA SANSKI MOST - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2006 - POVRATAK DO NADE - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2004 - ŠAĆIRBEY - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2004 - BANJALUČKA NE/PRAVDA - documentary (director, screenwriter)
2003 - CARLA  - documentary (director, screenwriter)
1999 - SVI JUGOSLAVENSKI NESPORAZUMI - documentary (director, screenwriter)