Panjeta Lejla
Panjeta Lejla


LEJLA PANJETA is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the International University of Sarajevo in the fields of film and cultural studies, visual communication and ideology. She graduated both from the Academy of Performing Arts and the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo and holds a Doctoral degree in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy in the scholarly field of Communication and Film Studies. She supervises the course Film Theory at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. She also directed in theater, and her documentary "His Highness the Wheel" won the Special Jury Award of the International Film Festival in Bali in 2007. Her book "Industry of Illusions – Film & Propaganda" was awarded by the Foundation for Publishing of the Federation of Bosnia. She won the Best Book Award in the field of arts for her essays "New (and the Old) Lies" from the International Book Exhibition of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012. Other published works are: "Filmska propaganda i marketing", "Dijelektika nestajanja", "Telenovela - fabrika ljubavi: Uvod u produkciju i žanr" and "Potreba za smislom: Mit, manipulacija i film". She is the editor of the "Comparative Film Glossary" in Bosnian, English and Turkish. Her research interests are in the fields of aesthetics, propaganda, media and film studies.

Other movies

2014 – LJILJAN U SRCU EVROPE (Fleur-de-lis in the Heart of Europe), documentary (Director, Scriptwriter)

2010 – OSTAVLJENI, feature (Production Adviser)

2006 – SKIES ABOVE THE LANDSCAPE, feature (Production Adviser)

2005 – THE WAY WE PLAYED, short film (Adviser to the Executive Production)

2002 – OLTRE IL CONFINE, feature (Assistant to the Executive Producer)

2001 – NJEGOVO VELIČANSTVO TOČAK (His Highness the Wheel), documentary (Director, Scriptwriter)

1999 – IL TEMPORALE, feature (Assistant to the Executive Producer)