Marjanović Jovan
Marjanović Jovan


JOVAN MARJANOVIĆ (LLb, MSc) was born in Sarajevo in 1980. He has been involved in Sarajevo Film Festival since 1999, first as a technician and a program coordinator, and from 2003 till 2007 he has been the Executive Manager of CineLink Co-production Market, he was Festival Board as Head of Industry and he is currently the director of Sarajevo Film Festival. He has produced a number of award winning documentaries, short and feature films and is serving as the National Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Eurimages since 2006. Jovan is also one of the advisors to the Torino Film Lab, a film fund tied to Turin Film Festival. In 2008 he earned his MSc in film business at Cass Business School in London, UK and is now senior teaching assistant in production at the Academy of Performing Arts of the University of Sarajevo. He was a Member of Board of Management of Film Fund Sarajevo from 2011 to 2016. 


2021 - NOT SO FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD AFFAIR - Feature film - (producer)

2020 - FOCUS, GRANDMA - Feature film - (producer)

2018 - GOOD DAY'S WORK - Feature film - (producer)

2014 - BRIDGES OF SARAJEVO - Feature film - (producer)

2013 - RAIN IN SARAJEVO - Short film - (producer)

2011 - 1395 DAY WITHOUT RED - Feature film - (producer)

2010 - GLÃœCK - Short film - (producer)

2007 - WHAT DO I KNOW - Short film - (producer)

Other movies

2019 -  THE SIGN,  short (executive producer); IN YOUR HANDS, short (executive producer); THE PACKAGE, short (executive producer); THE RIGHT ONE short (executive producer);  SPIT, short (executive producer); IT MUST BE HEAVEN (associate producer)