Mandić Miroslav
Mandić Miroslav

Screenwriter / Director

MIROSLAV MANDIĆ graduated from Columbia University in New York (MFA in directing and screenwriting). His short film WORKERS’ MARRIAGE won Grand Prix Golden Dragon at Cracow International Film Festival (1985), and several other awards at major film festivals. His feature film WALKING ON THE WATER (original title ‘Život Radnika’) has won Grand Prix at Strasbourg IFF. TV series TOP CHART OF SURREALISTS (1989-90), which he co-wrote and directed, was the most popular TV show in ex-Yugoslavia. From 1995 to 2002, he directed numerous documentaries for Czech Television. His feature-length documentary BORDERLINE LOVERS has won Goldener Buchstabe for best documentary at Munich IFF and Human Rights special award at Sarajevo Film Festival (2005).


2020 - TAKING CARE - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

2018 - I ACT, I AM / IGRAM, SEM - Feature film - (producer, director, screenwriter)

2016 - SEARCHING FOR HOME - Feature-lenght documentary film - (screenwriter)

2015 - WHISKEY AND MILK - Short film - (director, screenwriter)

2013 - ADRIA BLUES - Feature film - (producer, director, screenwriter)

2008 - TRACTOR, LOVE AND ROCK 'N' ROLL - Feature film - (screenwriter)

2005 - BORDERLINE LOVERS - Feature-lenght documentary film - (producer, director, screenwriter)

1987 - A WORKER'S LIFE - Feature film - (director, screenwriter)

Other movies

2009 - SEARCHING FOR JOHNNY (writer, director, producer)

1985 - WORKER’S MARIAGE (writer, director)